INNERSPEC Technologies Europe S.L.  | Spain

Coordinator, dedicated to manufacture EMAT ultrasonic equipment.

Innerspec is a global leader in high power ultrasonic instrumentation for Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) inspection, manufacturing the largest selection of standard and custom EMAT and Dry-Coupled piezoelectric products. Innerspec is a global company with offices in Spain, USA, China and Mexico.

Innerspec provides a variety of solutions that require high-power ultrasonic instrumentation, advanced testing, non-contact techniques and customised integrations.

Mario Ramírez

ELSYCA NV | Belgium

Electrochemical modelling developer-corrosion simulation and prediction. 

Elsyca’s main purpose is to leverage electrochemical knowledge through software simulation tools and engineering services. Elsyca has gradually evolved from a company that mainly focused on engineering projects towards a provider of expert tool software solutions.

Elsyca is active in the markets of:

  • Corrosion design & engineering.
  • Cathodic protection & AC mitigation.
  • Surface finishing.
  • Electrochemical manufacturing.

Christophe Baete


Provide services of engineering and simulations for tanks and piping.

DBVservices is an engineering of integral projects from the development of the conceptual idea to the implementation of the project. All this with its own resources in the development of the mechanical, process, automation and manufacturing fields.

DBVservices has great expertise in technological project management, product design and optimization in the fields of defense and energy, product certification and validation.

Adolfo Fernández


CIDETEC Surface Engineering | Spain

Methodologies for promoting corrosion in standard blocks and CORUS’ technology validation.

CIDETEC is a private organization for applied research founded in 1997. CIDETEC is comprised of three international technological reference institutes:

  • CIDETEC Energy Storage specialised in creating new battery technology and facilitating its transfer to industry.
  • CIDETEC Nanomedicine, devoted to the development of innovative materials in the field of biomedicine.
  • CIDETEC Surface Engineering: The institute involved in CORUS project is the Surface Engineering Institute. CIDETEC surface engineering is a reference institute and the main thrust of an innovation pole specialising in the development of these technologies, providing surface solutions throughout the entire value chain for the automotive, aerospace, power generation and other sectors.

Jorge Rodríguez